King Lear (AFTLS Spring 2019)

- (part of a series)

Location: Washington Hall (View on map )

Lear Arts In Curriculum V2

Confronting the role of the monarch in the balance between authority and chaos, King Lear reveals the beauty of selfless love, the heartache of betrayal, and the descent of civilization into brutishness when selfish greed has run amuck. Shakespeare's intense drama returns to Notre Dame in a powerful new production from Actors From The London Stage. Comprised of just five actors, the AFTLS ensemble deftly combines innovative staging with essential props and simple costumes. Each actor shares responsibility for the direction of the play and performs two or three major roles (as well as several minor ones). Through imagination and collaboration, the cast conjures Shakespeare's immortal words and worlds into being. 

Founded in 1975 by Sir Patrick Stewart and Homer "Murph" Swander, Actors From The London Stage (AFTLS) tours the United States each spring and fall. The troupe is made up of a rotating cast of five classically-trained British actors from such prestigious companies as Shakespeare’s Globe, the National Theatre, the Royal Shakespeare Company, and others.


  • Richard James-Neale: Kent / Regan / Old Man / Messenger / Gentleman
  • Ffion Jolly: Cordelia / Fool / Oswald / Curan
  • Tricia Kelly: Lear / Cornwall
  • Fred Lancaster: Edgar / Edmund / France / Burgundy / Knight / Gentleman / Soldier / Servant
  • Jonathan Dryden Taylor: Goneril / Albany / Gloucester / Knight / Doctor



  • Week 1, January 28 - February 3: Rice University, Houston, TX
  • Week 2, February 4-10: University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
  • Week 3, February 11-18: John Carroll University, University Heights, OH
  • Week 4, February 19-24: Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS
  • Week 5, February 25 - March 3: Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA
  • Week 6, March 4-10: San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 
  • Week 7, March 11-17: University of North Alabama, Florence, AL
  • Week 8, March 18-24: Roanoke College, Salem, VA
  • Week 9, March 25-31: University of Vermont, Burlington, VT
  • Week 10, April 1-7: Sheridan College, Sheridan, WY