ShakeScenes (NDSF 2022)


Location: Washington Hall, University of Notre Dame (View on map )

Company: Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival


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July 16, 2022 at 2:00 p.m.
Washington Hall


Back for another round of delightful Shakespearean shenanigans, ShakeScenes will brighten the stage at Washington Hall like never before. A perennially popular event featuring elementary-age students from the South Bend area performing scenes from and inspired by Shakespeare, ShakeScenes provides two hours of adorable, moving, and hilarious entertainment. This family-friendly performance has introduced thousands of children across the area to Shakespeare ever since its inception. 



Coordinating Director: Christy Burgess
Production Manager: Cate Cappelmann
Lighting Designer: Kathleen Van Vleet
Light Board Operator: Indi Jackson

SCENE 1: Robinson Shakespeare Company - Richard II, Part 1
Directed by Christy Burgess

  • King Richard II: David Tom, Jr
  • John of Gaunt: Amal Amouri
  • Duke of York: Jessica Appleman
  • Henry Bolingbrook: Nancy Tom
  • Duke of Amerle: Jose Oropeza 
  • Thomas Mowbray: Lexi Cuevas
  • Earl of Salisbury: Brigid Envall-Sweeney
  • Lord Berkeley: And Amouri
  • Bushy: Martez Cuevas
  • Bagot: Fiona Envall-Sweeney
  • Green: Cindy Nguyen
  • Earl of Northumberland: Toby Prince
  • Henry Percy, Hotspur: Avi Setiawan
  • Lord Willoughby: Brigid Envall-Sweeney
  • Bishop of Carlisle: Amal Amouri
  • Sir Pierce of Exton: And Amouri
  • Gardener: Amelie Hurtado
  • Gardener’s Man: Amy Nguyen
  • Queen: Melanie Lipkins
  • Queen’s Lady: Sophia Oropeza
  • Herald 1: Amy Nguyen
  • Herald 2: Amelie Hurtado
  • Keeper: Amal Amouri

SCENE 2: The Young Fries of Treachery
Directed by Laura Moran Walton
Sixpeare: An homage to the musical "Six," featuring six of Shakespeare's most famous female characters. 

  • Clara Moran Walton: Ophelia
  • Grace Geels: Queen Anne
  • Rebecca Anatolios: Cordelia 
  • Jane Doeppke: Lady Macbeth
  • Mae Sollmann: Desdemona
  • Rose Kelly: Kate 
  • Iris Moran Walton: Shakespeare

SCENE 3: Lady Bards - ShakesClue
Directed by Christy Burgess


  • Gwen Clark                
  • Lucy Clark                  
  • Eavan Kelly                
  • Olivia Purcell

SCENE 4: Shakespeare at Fremont Park - Shakespeare, But Make It Dragons (Select Scenes from Romeo and Juliet)
Directed by Laurisa LeSure

  • Eden Hamel: Juliet
  • Jackson Vargas: Octai the Dragon 

SCENE 5: Much Ado About Nothing, Act 3, Scene 3 & Act 4, Scene 2
Directed by Patrick Starner


  • Loey Silva
  • Sylvia Matous
  • Ezra Carrico
  • Sophie Vervaet
  • Julia Warzon

SCENE 6: ShakesCorps - Much Ado About Nothing, Act 3, Scene 1
Directed by Erin Rose Kind

  • Ellie Graff: Beatrice
  • Erin Rose Kind: Hero
  • Mitchell Caponigro: Ursula

SCENE 7 - Michiana Mechanicals - Shakespeare in Love (Our Five Favorite Couples)
Directed by Robin Shepley

  • Christian Jackson: Romeo, Macbeth, Orlando, Duke Orsino, Benedick
  • Robin Shepley: Juliet, Lady Macbeth, Rosalind, Viola, Beatrice

SCENE 8 - Robinson Shakespeare Company - Richard II, Part 2
Directed by Christy Burgess
SCENE 9 - Cosmic Hamlets - Romeo and Juliet, Act 1 scene 1
Directed by Sarah Brewer

  • ​​Louis Spindler
  • Stella Petersen
  • Sadie Petersen
  • Griffin Rohlich
  • Ila Sylce
  • Dayus Geysbeek
  • Freya Bartlett
  • Corbin Johnson
  • Finn Brewer
  • Harbormaster Bryan Hawkins