Voices Unbroken



Voices UnBroken believes in and nurtures the creative voice in all people.  Voices UnBroken helps participants identify dreams and goals. Voices UnBroken respects, values and cares for participants. Voices UnBroken identifies and fosters leadership. Voices UnBroken workshops focus on the belief that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. Voices UnBroken is a non-judgmental organization; it values every person’s right to self-identify and does its best to work with people’s judgments about the work it does and the people it serves. Voices UnBroken is accountable to participants and their community. Voices UnBroken is a learning organization that is committed to documenting and evaluating its programs. Voices UnBroken expects greatness!

WEBSITE: voicesunbroken.org

CONTACT: info@voiceunbroken.org | (718) 684-2125