Perf Arts & Social Justice, Univ of San Francisco


The Performing Arts and Social Justice (PASJ) Major trains young artists to create an humane and just society through their craft. PASJ's mission is deeply aligned with the core values of Jesuit education; they see performance as a powerful tool for promoting positive change. Every semester, more than 900 students participate in the Performing Arts Department’s classes, productions, concerts, and events. The department offerings seek to expose the USF community to different styles and artistic approaches, celebrate diversity, creatively reflect on important issues of our times, and become inspired to find the artist-activist in themselves. At whatever level or course of study, performing arts students at USF gain a historical foundation of the performing arts from the classics to contemporary practices within a context cultural diversity, develop technical and conceptual skills related to the practice of their craft (dance, music, theater), and acquire and use practical skills for community-based artistic work, and learn how this form of artistic engagement contributes to a more inclusive and just society.


CONTACT: Amie Dowling, Dept. Chair | | (415) 422-4888