Lavina Jadhwani Masterclass


Location: Philbin Studio Theatre (View on map )

Ndsf 2020 Lavina Masterclass 12

Join Lavina Jadhwani, director of NDSF's upcoming 2020 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, for a thrilling two-hour masterclass on performing Shakespeare. 

This is your chance to show your work, receive feedback, and learn what a professional director looks for in actors. 

After a few brief introductions and warmup exercises, students will watch and listen as Lavina works with one student at a time. The student will perform a single prepared piece, and Lavina will provide notes and feedback. The student then usually performs their piece again, incorporating her feedback.

Philbin Studio Theatre
DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

You must email to reserve your spot. 

This event is open to University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary's College, and Holy Cross College students ONLY. 

Come with one prepared monologue, less than 2 minutes long.*

* What monologue should I do? 
Ideally, a Shakespeare monologue you know well enough to receive adjustments, and be able to play with these quickly without worrying about lines. Other classical or early-modern playwrights also are acceptable, as is performing a piece from the announced plays.