Shakespeare: Page to Stage

Spring 2017 Class Description

Co-Sponsors: the Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival (NDSF) and the Notre Dame Department of Film, Television, and Theatre

Credit Hours: Three

Satisfies: FNAR (approved to meet the University Fine Arts requirement; open to all students)

Instructor: Grant Mudge, NDSF Ryan Producing Artistic Director

Course Description:
This course explores Shakespeare’s plays in their original texts and in performance. Students will have the opportunity to cut, adapt, or alter the playwright’s words in their own adaptations. We will also work with Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival actors in preparing performances from a variety of the earliest texts. Adaptations on film and in the theatre will be reviewed to gauge how practitioners have altered the plays in the past. We will examine Quarto, Folio and other editions side by side with modern edited versions, and, since it is impossible to fully discover the plays without the experience of performing them, this course also provides a supportive environment in which to explore the text brought to life. Ideal for those interested in early modern texts who would like the opportunity to put the words on their feet.

'NDSF: On Tour' Practicum:
Optional co-requisite class for the touring performance experience NDSF: On TourStudents will have the chance to work directly with Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival professional actors, taking scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest to area schools. To participate in the touring performances (1 credit), students must enroll in the co-requisite course. The practicum course meets for three hours on Fridays.

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