About ShakeScenes

ShakeScenes kids

"ShakeScenes is, for want of a better comparison, Shakespeare-meets-Laugh-In. I would say “meets-Saturday Night Live,” but it’s funnier than that, weirder in a good way, overflowing with the fizz of kids discovering this stuff for the first time and treating it like it’s a two-liter soda bottle — and they’re the Mentos." - Jason Kelly, Notre Dame Magazine

ShakeScenes was created specifically to give area actors and directors the opportunity to immerse themselves in “playing” Shakespeare.

We believe that providing an active and immediate experience around some of the greatest plays in the English language can help foster a love of Shakespeare that will last a lifetime.

Under the supervision of ShakeScenes Coordinating Director Christy Burgess, scene directors are usually educators from local grade schools, high schools, colleges and directors of area civic theatres.

These individuals cast and direct their respective scenes as well as facilitate costumes, props and sometimes even fight choreography!  Actors hear about acting opportunities through their educator or director but anyone interested in performing who does not have a director is encouraged to contact Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival.

No actor will be turned away!

All members of the ShakeScenes company attend acting workshops taught by local and national theatre artists, enjoy a lecture presentation on the current Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival Mainstage and Young Company productions, receive a certificate of achievement and a commemorative shirt, participate in a final performance of their scene in front of live audience, and finally, see a dress rehearsal of the Mainstage production.

Are you ready to join the fun? Email shakes@nd.edu or call (574) 631-3777 to learn more.