NDSF: ON TOUR (Romeo & Juliet)






March 5–7, 2015 (SOLD OUT)

Regis Philbin Studio Theatre
DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, University of Notre Dame

A special three-night-only run of our NDSF: ON TOUR production of ROMEO AND JULIET, March 5-7 at 7:00pm in the Philbin Studio Theatre. 

Verona bursts to life with live acoustic music, stunning swordfights, Shakespeare’s brilliant and beautiful wordplay, and a tale all young people (and parents) must hear:  when we love with too much passion, can any guidance prevent all from being lost?

Directed and abridged by NDSF's Ryan Producing Artistic Director Grant Mudge and featured actors from Chicago Shakes, Montana Shakespeare in the Park, and the Utah Shakespeare Festival.


Designed to provide intimate access to the words and wonder of Shakespeare’s plays, NDSF TOUR productions are based on a small-cast touring model, with an intense focus on the playwright’s use of language, together with just a few simple props and added costume-pieces. When a character speaks of the forest of Arden or Verona’s walls while standing in a school gymnasium or auditorium, the audience’s imagination creates the setting. With heart and humor, the actors invite each audience to become invested in the proceedings. Available to schools in Central and Northern Indiana and Southwestern and South Central Michigan.

Contact shakes@nd.edu to bring NDSF: ON TOUR to your school!
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