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Send the actor/agent an email including a customized version of the verbiage included in 'Interview Text' document. Click on the picture to the right to automatically download. If you'd like to include the AFTLS logo in your coorespondance, four web-sized versions are available for download at the bottom of this page.






Once an actor has been selected for the tour, send the actor's agent an email including a customized version of the verbiage included in 'Agent Offer Text' document. Click on the picture to the right to automatically download. If you'd like to include the AFTLS logo in your coorespondance, four web-sized versions are available for download at the bottom of this page.




As soon as each actor accepts an offer, immediately send them or their agent the 'Visa Information Sheet.' Instruct them or their agent to return it ASAP to Deb/TAs/Eunice. It is vital that this is done quickly. At a later date, the actor will also need to scan their passport to Benmar, so request that they keep a copy of it online. Having these details will help you set up the interview date with Benmar. The Notre Dame office will also need these details to start the visa (J1 DS2019) processing at their end.

The office/Deb will also send to each actor the 'General Information Form' so that they have all the details necessary.  Ask the actors to return this form (in additional to the other requirements from Deb) as soon as possible. Actors will receive a percentage of their rehearsal fee if they do this within 10 days.


Once all five actors are on board – not before – call Benmar: 020 7379 6418/240 0554. (We deal usually with Dave Birch.) Give him the details of the actors, and ask him to send/email everything to them. He may ask actors to find the form online. (If Benmar gives the details, we know it is all up to date.) The actors should fill this in straight away (if possible online) and return to Benmar along with a scanned passport photo suitable for a US visa. Encourage actors to copy you and me in the reply, so we know they have completed the form.

According to Benmar, appointments cannot be made until our Notre Dame office has sent Benmar the DS2019s and Sevis fee receipt. However, sometimes Benmar will accept our AFTLS PROGRAMME NUMBER: P-1-00108. Remind Benmar that everything will be scanned to them and the hard copies from the office will be sent directly by FedEx. Benmar should hold on to all documents – one of us will go in and collect both the forms from the embassy and the hard copies. Actors should be reminded of the importance of filling out the visa forms immediately. If an acotr can't fill out the forms online, appointments can be made at Benmar to fill them out in person.

If needed, Eunice can provide a note sheet to help fill in the form. It's from the last form filled in; sometimes it can change slightly, but generally it's OK.

Payment for the visas is by the UK Liaison Director and Benmar has my details.


Contracts can now be emailed direct to the agent if this is what the actor wants, in which case those details need to go to the Notre Dame office. Payments can only be made in the actors name as in passport, this means that they go into the actor’s account and not the agents; they need to tell their agent this.

Set up a date for the pre rehearsal / read through meeting – there is a £100 fee for this made in the rehearsal fee. Make it a date when one of you can be there.  I will also arrange the photographer for this date as well.

Tell actors date of Embassy appointment. 

Circulate cut version of the script – if need be.


  • Make sure they know where the room is, send out contact details, and remind them of the first day.
  • On first day, take in all the information / Visa forms and check that all is clear for the Embassy. (I am usually there as well.)  
  • Take some tea/coffee etc – a full kitchen with kettle etc is there at Brixton. 
  • Tell them the showing to Associates will be on the last day of rehearsal and then let Associates know. 
  • Clarify date of show on return – UK Liaison organises this. 
  • They need to decide on Education/Travel/Tech and inform ND. 
  • If they wish to stay on let Deb know now – she may have asked for this before.
  • Also chase any info that has not got through to ND.


keep in touch with the actors and with ND making sure that payment and all info – education, travel etc gets through to the actors in good time.  A TA/Associate will pop in to rehearsal each week and stay for no longer than an hour to see how things are going/answer questions.  At the end of week 2 an Associate is to go in and sit on the book to watch a run off book. Depending on the group make sure they are happy re teaching, they can have copies of past teaching schedules and one of you can go in to discuss them or another Associate.


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