NDSF 2020 Online Event Information

Author: James Comerford

Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival 2020 Online Event Info 

Our summer 2020 online series featured workshops, performances, live Q&As, and much more, all developed expressly for online audiences.

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June 16: Laban for Shakespeare Performance – Actor, educator, and movement coach Cheryl Turski leads an hourlong workshop in Laban for Shakespeare Performance.

June 18: Scenes from Macbeth – Tune in as members of the DePaul Academy Shakespeare Squad perform scenes from Shakespeare's powerful tragedy Macbeth.

June 23: The Taming of the Shrew Watch Party – Join us for an exclusive watch party for a broadcast of the Robinson Shakespeare Company's at-home performance of The Taming of the Shrew.

June 25: Iambic Pentameter Made Marvelous – Christy Burgess walks you through the basics of iambic pentameter, a rhythmic structure found throughout Shakespeare's works. 

June 30: Voice and Text Workshop – Discover more about voicing Shakespeare's text for a modern audience from Stanton Davis, Head of BFA Performance at Northern Illinois University.

July 7: Intimacy Direction Workshop – Multidisciplinary actor and artist Sarah Scanlon, a veteran of the NDSF 2017 production of The Tempest, hosts an exclusive workshop on intimacy direction.

July 2: Fee Fie Faux Wood (Scenic Artist Workshop) – NDSF Scenic Artist Scott Gerwitz hosts an exclusive workshop centered around the creation of faux wood for onstage use.

July 9: Stage Management Workshop – Hosted by NDSF General Manager Debra Gasper, this workshop centers around the invisible art of professional stage management. 

July 14: The Cheryl and Scotty Show – NDSF veterans Cheryl Turski and Scotty Arnold take a delightful journey through the music of NDSF seasons past.

July 16: Professional Acting in Chicago and Beyond – Chicago-based actor Susaan Jamshidi leads a discussion among early career actors about professional acting opportunities in Chicago and beyond. 

July 21: Kundalini and Pranayama for the Actor – Shakespeare at Notre Dame's Scott Jackson hosts an interactive workshop on Kundalini yoga, designed with actors in mind. 

July 28: Shakespeare in a Time of Plague – Scholars from Notre Dame’s Early Modern Circle lead a discussion about how Shakespeare and his contemporaries used plays to think about pandemics – and how we use Shakespeare to do the same.

July 30: Shakespeare's Coriolanus - Reading – The Not-So-Royal Shakespeare Company presents a new reading of Shakespeare's powerful tragedy Coriolanus.

August 4: ShowTunes Shakespeare – South Bend's professional musical theatre company Art 4 performs songs from and inspired by the works of William Shakespeare.

August 28: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Benefit Reading) – This exclusive, limited-time benefit reading of Jeff Whitty's adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream closed out the NDSF 2020 season. Donations were welcomed for the Paul Rathburn Fund, which benefits NDSF artists. Our live Q&A with Mr. Whitty alongside cast & crew members is still available!